School: Cill Chaoi

Kilkee, Co. Clare
Anraoi Ó Cathaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0627, Page 220

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0627, Page 220

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  1. XML School: Cill Chaoi
  2. XML Page 220
  3. XML “Once upon a time a poor old man fell seriously ill.”

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  1. Once upon a time a poor old man fell seriously ill. No doctor was within 25 or 30 miles and then could only be got on a calm day. His sister decided she would go out and acquaint the good people as to what she ought to do. She dressed herself and took milk and butter with her at 12 o'clock midnight to coax the good people. She succeeded, and they told her to go to the nearest grave-yard (Kilbricken) at 12 'o' clock the following night, and pick 12 grubs or insects, and bring them home and count 11 into a cup, and fry the twelfth on a pan and go then to the nearest still house to get a quart of poteen to mix with the fried grub. When mixed she was to bring it out
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    Michael Corry
    Mrs Brown
    Lisdeen, Co. Clare