School: Achadh Fobhair (roll number 13853)

Aghagower, Co. Mayo
Hannah T. Kevilla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 02_005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 02_005

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  1. During the Penal Laws there was a price on every priests head. There used to be people killing them and getting five pounds for their heads. Seán na Sagart used to kill the priests and get money for their heads. Séan hadn't any priests killed once and he made up a plan. He told his old sister he was dying and asked her to get a priest for him. His sister was a very pious old lady and she was glad to see him repenting his sins. She went for a priest and there was an old priest and a young priest in the place. The old priest said he would go that he was the wisest. The young priest said he would go that he was the quickest runner. But the old priest insisted on going and the young priest followed him. When he came as far as Séans
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