School: Achadh Fobhair (roll number 13853)

Aghagower, Co. Mayo
Hannah T. Kevilla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 13_017

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 13_017

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    came to the prince's house and the prince was standing before the giant and he cut the head off the giant with a sword and buried him under two rocks
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  2. There was a man once and he used to kill priests. One day he told his wife that he was dying. His wife told the priest to come and anoint him. There was a parish priest and curate in the place. The curate said he would go but the parish priest would not let him. When the parish priest was gone the curate followed him. When the priest went into the room Seán killed him. He came out then and followed the curate and when he was crossing a river he flung a
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        1. Seán na Sagart (~51)
    Jack Reilly
    Lackaun, Co. Mayo