School: Achadh Fobhair (roll number 13853)

Aghagower, Co. Mayo
Hannah T. Kevilla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 14_005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 14_005

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  1. There lived in an old Castle in the village of Mount Brown in the parish of Aughagower Denis Brown. He was a wicked old man. He used to hang men and priests on an ash tree near his house. Any one that would pass there used to hear noises and see lights in the Castle at late hours of the night. A man from the village was passing at a late hour one night and he saw a man dressed in white near where Denis used to hang people. He was very much afraid and he never passed there again at a late hour.
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    1. agents (~1)
      1. historical persons (~5,068)
        1. Denis Browne (Denis of the Rope) (~25)
    Mountbrown, Co. Mayo
    Kathleen Mc Donagh
    Mountbrown, Co. Mayo
  2. Long ago a man who lived near Castlebar came to visit he friends in Aughagower. He came on horse back he didnot leave for home until eleven o'clock
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