School: Cathair Loisgreáin (B)

Cathair Loistreáin, Co. na Gaillimhe
Pádhraic de Chlár
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0022, Page 0403

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0022, Page 0403

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  1. Long ago the people never wore shoes until they were twenty years. The water they washed their feet with they threw it out
    The people that used to wear shoes used to leave them off from St. Patrick's Day to the first of October
    There was a woman named Peggy Flynn and she did not throw out the water she washed her feet with and the farmers came in that night and they told her they would not do anything to her if she brought them in a
    siddle of water. She went for the water and according as she was filling the water it was going out through the bottom of the siddle. She did not know what to do.
    There was a man near her and he told her to plaster the siddle with cow dung. So she brought the water to the farmers and when she went in she told them that the hill of the Cnoc Háige
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    Thomas Roche
    Ummoon, Co. na Gaillimhe