School: Aill Bhreac (roll number 12103)

An Aill Bhreac, Co. na Gaillimhe
Eilís Bean Mhic Chonghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 194

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 194

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  1. The people long ago used be up to twenty and thirty years before they would get their first pair of shoes.
    Michael Gorham's mother never wore shoes only the day she was getting married and didn't wear a shoe ever after that.
    There is a man in Keraunmore now, called John King who wears no shoes. Some women wore croighthíns - stockings with no sole except holes for the toes.
    When people wash their feet none of the water should be spilled on the hearth, else a beast of some kind would die.
    Children go barefooted now in the warm summer days.
    There are no shoes made or repaired in the village now only Willie MacNiffe in Ballyconneely that repairs shoes.
    There was one gréasaidhe in Aillebrack whose name was Stiopán O Máille. He was living with his brother Michael on part of the beach which is called Outhach Beag beside Dolan harbour. There is no trace of the house now only a kind of hole in the beach.
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