School: N. Seosamh, Cill Lasrach (roll number 16289)

Killasser, Co. Mayo
S. Mac Carrghamhna
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 122

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 122

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  1. There are many beliefs in Ireland. It is thought that if a stocking or a coat is turned inside out it will bring good luck.
    When a person is going astray at night or in a fog if he turns his coat inside out he will find that this practice will get him safely on his way.
    In order to bring ill luck to a person it is said to go to the smith and to get him to turn the anvil on that person. It is said that people bleed their knees so that the curse will not fall on them.
    It is believed that fairies take certain routes on their nightly excursions. It is unlucky to build a house on one of these routes.
    In order to avoid this the man who is building
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