School: Damastown (roll number 12327)

Damastown, Co. Dublin
Delia Wilson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 207

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 207

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  1. About thirty years ago there was a poor man living in Kerry, and he bought a cow from a rich neighbour who lived beside him. He paid a deposit of a pound, but could pay no more. When the rich man came to demand his money, and could not get it, he decided to bring the poor man to court. The poor man went to a solicitor and put his case before him. The solicitor said he would win the case for him if he would give him a pound which he consented to do. The solicitor said that he would be put before the magistrate, and would be asked a number of questions. The answer he was to give would be, "Would you ate an inon" (onion). When the poor man came to the court and was questioned, he answered as he was told by the solicitor. The case was dismissed. The solicitor then asked for his payment. He received the same answer, "Will
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