School: Garrdha (roll number 12721)

Garra, Co. Galway
Liam Ó hAnnracháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0026, Page 0031

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0026, Page 0031

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  3. XML “Scéalta Grinn”

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  1. once upon a time there lived in an old cottage a man and his wife. The mans name was Páidín and his wife name was Maidin. They had nothing to live on but Páidíns days wages. They had one cow also. The old man was saving up until he had five pounds earned. One morning when he was going to work he told his wife to leave up the money for the grea' sweep of spring.
    He meant by this to buy potatoes and oats to sow the spring. one day the beggar man with a grey beard happened to pass and he called in "the bean a'rige" asked was like the grea' sweep of the spring. "well, he said "I go by that name anyhow" "well if you are " she said, "I have something here for you." going to the box she took out the Lo Páidín had saved and gave it to him so he went away. When Páidín came home from his work in the evening Mairin said " muise do you know who was here today." "no" says Paidin, "how could I". "the grea' sweep of the spring" said Mairin, "and I gave him the money I had left up for him. "where is he gone" said Paidin. Oh he's gone now says Mairin
    Paidin got awful next and angry. Next
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    Mrs Taylor
    c. 50
    Clogherboy, Co. Galway