School: Sonnagh (cailíní agus buachaillí)

Sonnagh Old, Co. Galway
Úna Bean Uí Mhuireadhaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0059, Page 0336

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0059, Page 0336

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  1. Christmas
    In this village Christmas night falls on the 24th of December, the night before Christmas Day. Many days before Christmas the people of this village were very busy decorating their houses with holly, ivy and laurel in honour of the great festival of Christmas. The women of this village were very busy making currant cakes and plum-pudding and many other nice things for Christmas Day.
    On Christmas night lighted candles are placed on the windows of every house in honour of Our Lord who is the light of the world. They also leave the doors open and leave a cake on the table so that if any beggar came in he would not go out hungry.
    On St Stephen's Day a lot of boys out of this village go from house to house looking for money to bury the wren. On the Twelfth night the people of this village always light twelve candles and say the rosary. Many people in the village get rushes and dip them in grease. They peel them first and cut them into twelve pieces about an inch and a half long; everyone of the family in the house would
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    Delia Hynes
    Sonnagh New, Co. Galway
    John Mitchell
    Sonnagh New, Co. Galway