School: Corcaghan (roll number 16129)

Corcaghan, Co. Monaghan
F. Murray
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0953, Page 143

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0953, Page 143

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  1. There was once a widow who lived with her only son. John, They were very poor and knew not what to do to keep themselves from starving. At length they resolved to sell their only cow which had been their faithful servant for many a year.
    When the fair day arrived John set out driving his cow before him. When he reached the town he met a man accompanied by three dogs. This man asked him how much he wanted for the cow.
    "Twenty pounds" said John.
    "I can give you something worth more than that." said the man.
    "What is that" said John.
    "My three dogs" he replied.
    "Of what use would your dogs be to me" asked John.
    "Well" the man replied, "here is Speed. He can run so fast that nothing can catch him. Not even the wind can move so fast as he. Then here is [Wisdom] Guess. He can tell you what you are thinking about and inform you of coming events.
    Then this big dog is called Strength. He is so powerful that nothing can
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