School: Siolbhrain (Shelbourne) (roll number 5235 or 5484)

Gortrooskagh, Co. Kerry
Síghle, Bean Uí Thuama
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 044

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0461, Page 044

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  3. XML “The Enchanted Sunbeam”

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  1. There lived in a remote part of the parish of Ballyvourney, a Catholic boy who was never instructed in hie religious duties. At last a travelling woman taught him his prayers & how to prepare for the sacraments.
    One Sunday he was preparing to go to Mass; a bright ray of sunshine came in at the window, and stretched across the room. The boy, full of faith and innocence, threw his coat across the sunbeam, and it held the coat up, while the boy was getting ready to go to Mass.
    The second Sunday, he did the same, and the sun-beam held up the coat.
    The third Sunday, the boy had anew coat, and he thought how nice he would look at Mass, dressed up in his new suit. With these thoughts in his head, he threw the new coat across the sun-beam, but the sun-beam had lost all its charm, before pride, & the new coat fell to the ground.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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