School: Drummullan (roll number 13829)

Drummullin, Co. Roscommon
Séamus Mac Oirealla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 305

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 305

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  1. A Hidden Treasure.
    There was once a man named Valentine O Hara who lived in a cave on the side of a hill called Cregga. He used to steal the money off rich people. He would not take any from the poor people. This continued for many years. Then he was taken to be hung. Before he was hung he sang a little song.
    I always liked to rob the rich, but to rob the poor would scorn and that Providence may rest the soul of Valintine O Hara. Valintine hid all his money worth "Twenty Thousand pounds" near the cave. Some people say it is where four walls meet. Nobody tried to get it because it is said two witches are minding it.
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