School: Drummullan (roll number 13829)

Drummullin, Co. Roscommon
Séamus Mac Oirealla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 307

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0249, Page 307

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  1. A Local Hero.
    Once there lived a man named Patrick Hanly of Killaclogher [Creave]. He was insane, and the police were always on his track as he was always doing something wrong. One time the police saw him stealing potatoes, they made after him, and were sure that they would catch him, but Patrick ran straight to a river which was about twenty five feet wide and hopped across it. He used to steal the clothes off their drying places and put them on himself. He used to go in to the houses and demand food, and if he didn't get it he would do some damage before he would leave. One morning he went to Hugh Foxes for something to eat. There was potatoe cake down baking on the pan, so Patrick sat by the fire waiting for it. Somebody went to the door and and said that the police were coming. Patrick passed no heed until they were within five or six yards of the door. Then he snapped the cake and stepped in behind door. The police came in and walked up the floor. When Patrick saw his chance he ran out and straight for the river which was in front of the door and jumped it. He never
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    John Conlon
    Drummullin, Co. Roscommon