School: Baile an Chaisleáin

Castletownshend, Co. Cork
Seán Ó Donnabháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0298, Page 258

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0298, Page 258

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    Tobairín Handsome.

    Máire Ní Ríogáin ó Chill Aingle a fuair an méid seo leanas ón a athair, Diarmuid Ó Ríogáin. Is é Diarmuid a thug dom an cuid is mó do scríobhas uaim féin.
    Tobairín Handsome
    There is a well inside the fence on the right below the River's Cross called by the above name. Being in a shaded place the water is always cool and in years gone by when the farmers in the district were making butter at home the neighbouring women used to bring their butter there to wash it in the warm weather. How it got its name is not known.
    The School Yard.
    On the ground where the school was built there was once a haggard where a lot of corn used to be threshed. When the first threshing machine came to the district it was fixed here and the local farmers brought their corn here to be threshed. As now the neighbours came to assist each other at the meitheal and the work lasted for a week.
    The men had to work very hard and one who was getting tired thought of a plan to stop the machine. He quietly slipped a mouse into the ear of one of the four horses working the machine. The animal got restive and had to be untackled so the men had a rest while another was being provided to take its place. The owner of the place at the time was named Swanton.
    The Factory Hill
    There are traces of houses on the side of the road where it is believed the workers in the linen factory lived, but there is no trace of the factory ...
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    Máire Ní Ríogán
    Killangal, Co. Cork
    Diarmuid Ó Ríogán
    Killangal, Co. Cork