School: Radharc na Sionainne (roll number 16477)

Clooncah, Co. Roscommon
Nóirín Ní Uiginn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0260, Page 138

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0260, Page 138

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  1. Hudden, Dudden and Dan OLeary were three brothers. Hudden and Dudden were very rich but Dan was poor and the other two didn't like him. They put him in a bag and went to throw him into a drain. When he was in the bag he started to sing that he had gold and that he was going to Heaven. When Hudden heard him he asked Dan to let him go into the bag in his place. Hudden went in. Soon after a pedlar was coming along and he heard Hudden singing the same song. The Pedlar said he'd give Hudden all the nice things he had to sell if he'd let him into his place.
    In the meantime Dan went and told peelers that his two brothers had tried to drown him so they put them in prison.
    While they were in gaol Dan took all their cattle and they were mad vexed when they heard this but they couldn't do anything in gaol. When they were let out again Dan was at home in bed and he heard them coming. He got out of bed and put a stick in the bed in his place. So they kept beating the
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    Mrs L. English
    Clooncah, Co. Roscommon