School: Brúgh Ríogh (B.) (roll number 8572)

Bruree, Co. Limerick
Donncha Ó Haragáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0498, Page 251

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0498, Page 251

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  3. XML “St Feanahan Releases Two Prisoners”

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  1. There is a certain day in the neighbourhood of Michelstown - St Feanahan's Day I think - which is a blackfast day. Well a very long time ago two men from that locality were arrested wrongfully and lodged in Cork jail. The weeks went by until this feast day came around and for dinner that day they got more meat than they hardly ever saw before. However they didn't eat it and when the jailer came back he asked them why hadn't they the meat eaten. One of the men said, "If we were at home to day we wouldn't eat it either," so the jailers failed to get the men to dishonour the day. That same night at twelve o'clock a knock came to the prisoners cell door and one of the men said "There is no chance we can open it - there are so many bars and bolts in it." At that moment the door burst open and they saw a man outside mounted on a grey horse. "I am St. Feanahan said the horseman and for the honour ye did me to day I will
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