School: Ráth gCaola (2) (roll number 10929)

Rathkeale, Co. Limerick
Sinéad Ní Chnuic
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0501, Page 102

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0501, Page 102

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  1. District of Ballingrane
    I live in the townland of Ballingrane, in the parish of Nantenan, and in the barony of Lower Connelloe. About thirty families and one hundred and thirty people live in Ballingrane. Ruttle and Shier are the two names most common in the district. These, and most of the people in Ballingrane are descendants of the Palatines who came over in the year 1709. Owing to the ravages of the French in the Palatinate of the Rhine a large number of Germans sought shelter in Great Britain. Lord Southwell Brown, who was then settled here, brought over a number of these refugees and settled them on his estate to work for him. Their headquarters are in Rathkeale and Ballingrane.
    The houses in the district are mostly slated and are two storey high, with odd small thatched ones here and there. There are only two people living in Ballingrane who are over seventy years of age. Their names are, Mr. David Hennessy – Rosemount, and Miss. Stokes – Railway Cottage, Ballingrane.
    These tell stories in English but can speak no Irish.
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    Rene Baker
    Ballingarrane, Co. Limerick