School: Dundalk (roll number 16719)

Dundalk, Co. Louth
R.G. Smith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 023

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 023

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  1. Slieve Gullion
    4/11/38 In the Carlingford Mountains the is a mountain called Sliab gCulan. It is situated near the town of Dundalk, and there are many ancient legends told about this mountain. One day Fionn Mac Cool and the Fianna were hunting in the Bog of Allen when they saw a white fawn which they pursued across the country. Fionn Mac Cool outran his followers and followed the fawn to Slieve Gullion where it disappeared from sight. When the Fianna reached Slieve Gullion there was no sign of Fionn anywhere. They searched the mountain and found an old grey bent man who told them that he was Fionn. He said that when he had reached the mountain he had lost sigh of the fawn. He then went up the mountain and met a beautiful lady who told him that she had lost her ring in the lake. Fionn had dived into
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    R. Taylor
    Hill Street, Co. Louth