School: Kellystown, Dunleer (roll number 3154)

Kellystown, Co. Louth
Bean Uí Chathail
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0674, Page 143

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0674, Page 143

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    if one stands on it he will eat a lot of food. It is generally believed that fairies live under "lone bushes". There is one in [?] field and another in Woods of Tullyard.
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  2. The hare was always sneering at the hedge hogs slow rate of travelling. One day they agreed to run a race. The race took place between drills of potatoes. The hare ran slowly at first believing himself an easy winner. To his surprise the hedgehog was at the end of the drill before him. They agreed to run again but this time the hedgehog won again [?] and the hedgehog would say "Here we go again" but always won. The result was that "here we go again" "says the hedgehog to the hare" has become a familiar phrase locally. The hedgehogs winning is explained thus:-
    There were two hedgehogs one at each end of the drill so that
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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