School: Bohermeen (roll number 3115)

Bohermeen, Co. Meath
Aindrias Mac Gabhann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0702, Page 087

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0702, Page 087

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  1. There once lived a king and it was prophesied by a wise man that he should not die until three questions were put to him that could not answer. His sister died leaving three sons. The king took the boys to the palace and reared them there. On night he dreamed that it was the boys that were to bring about his death. The next day he sent the three away and told them never to return.
    After a while he got sorry and sent a man after them to see where they went. The boys went on and they came to a wood which belonged to their father.
    Let us fight said one to another and perhaps the king will hear it and take us back. The message soon reached the ears of the king. He went over and saw the three fighting but he separated
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    Kathleen Gibney
    Bohermeen, Co. Meath
    Tommy Gibney
    Bohermeen, Co. Meath