School: Crosserlough

Crosserlough, Co. Cavan
L. Reilly
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0993, Page 375

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0993, Page 375

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  1. An old story 30-9-1938
    This is an old story which was told round the fire one winters night about a king and his three nephews.
    There was once a king of Ireland and it was said that he should not die until three questions were put to him that he could not answer.
    His three nephews were orphans and he brought them to live with him.
    He dreamed one night one night that it was these boys that would bring about his death so the next day he sent them away but he was very fond of them and was sorry to have to do this and he sent a man after them to watch them.
    They came to a wood and started a shame fight about the ownership of the wood knowing their uncle would hear of it and take them back. The man hurried back and told the king who went to see what was the cause of the fight. They told him each of them claimed the wood.
    The eldest said the wood was his because his father left him all that was crooked and straighted in it. The second said it was his because his father left him all that was green and withered
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