School: Achadh Fobhair (roll number 13853)

Aghagower, Co. Mayo
Hannah T. Kevilla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 06_015

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 06_015

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  3. XML “Seán na Sagart”

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  1. Long ago in the Penal Days priests were not allow to said mass in churches. The English Government paid men to kill the priests and for every priests head they got five pounds. There was a man in this district whose name was Seán a Sagart who whas paid for killing priest The Government was not satisfied with him when he was not getting more priest's heads for them and one day he thought of a plan. He told his wife that he was going to die and he wished to see the priest His wife went to the nearest priest When the parish priest came into his room he killed him and the curate waited outside the house. He ran
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        1. Seán na Sagart (~51)
    Thomas Reilly
    Lackaun, Co. Mayo