School: An Daingean, Cuinche

An Daingean, Co. an Chláir
Stiofán Mac Clúin Treasa Ní Chonmara
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 042

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0596, Page 042

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  3. XML “Sí Gaoithe”

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  1. Many years ago in a place called Carrig- Ogornell in the County Limerick, there was a man out working in the fields when suddenly a Sidhe Gaoithe passed him by. On the spur of the moment he caught a fistful of clay and threw it at the 'breeze' a and said "Come down to me" or "Take it away with you", and to his astonishment down fell a beautiful young girl. He took her to his home and made her his wife.
    Some time afterwards a 'tramp' came the way and called at this man's house. The girl came up to the door to see who was there and when the tramp saw her he took to his heels, but she knew him, and calling him back by his name, frightened him all the more. Now the cause of the tramp's excitement was this: A few years before this, the girl that the tramp saw was going to be married to her sweetheart in another county. The night before the wedding she took ill suddenly and died. This tramp was at her wake and funeral and when he saw her alive in another county he had every reason to take to his heels.
    He plucked up courage later and faced back the house again, this time a little more
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Thomas Macnamara
    Baile Uí Icí, Co. an Chláir