School: Koilmore (roll number 14115)

Cuilmore, Co. Mayo
Séamus Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 124

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 124

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  1. Flummery was made from shells of oat-meal and milk boiled.
    Boxty was made from scraped potatoes and flour, and salt mixed and baked in an oven.
    Prásán was made from oatmeal and water mixed.
    The people of long ago baked their cakes on a griddle, and they were called griddle cakes.
    Boxty was a food which people used long ago. The following is the way it used to be made: Raw, peeled potatoes used to be cut up into small pieces. Flour, and salt used to be mixed with them and the mixture was put into an oven and baked. It used to be eaten when it would cool.
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