School: Koilmore (roll number 14115)

Cuilmore, Co. Mayo
Séamus Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 131

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0099, Page 131

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    6) An té a iomchurann a chóta lá tirm, ní bhíonn sé aige lá tirm.

    7) Dá fhaid an oidhche tagann an lá
    8) Is maith an t-annlann an t-ocras
    9) Dubhairt bean liom go ndubhairt bean léithe
    10) Beagán agus a rádh go maith
    11) Bíonn an fhirinne féin searbh
    12) Tús maith leath na h-oibre
    Fuaír mé iad ó Áine Nic Phleamonn, Garrdha Éamonn
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
  2. (1) "A stitch in time saves nine"
    (2) "The help of God is nearer than the door."
    (3) Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    (4) The windy day isn't the day for the scollops.
    (5) A good begining is half the work.
    (6) April showers bring forth May flowers.
    (7) Strike the iron while it is hot.
    (8) It is a long road that has no turn
    (9) What is a cat made for but to kill a mouse.
    (10) Better late than never.
    (11) Many hands make light work.
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. genre
      1. verbal arts (~1,483)
        1. proverbs (~4,377)
    Mrs Clarke
    Ballyglass, Co. Mayo