School: Tón Ruadh (roll number 12809)

Tonroe, Co. Mayo
Máirtín Ó Giobaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 22

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0115, Page 22

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  1. In olden times there lived an old man in a little hut on the side of a hill. One morning before he went to mass he went to the field to look at his cows. He only looked across the wall when he saw one of his cows in a drain. He shouted for help as there was a priest passing he asked the man what was up. "Nothing but her horns father", was the boy's reply. The priest ran away like one that would be very angry.
    Once upon a time there lived an old woman on the side of the Ox mountains about half a mile from the road. Her two daughters, Mary and Ellen, came home from america to vist her.
    The old woman had ordered a bag of meal from a lorry to be left at the road for her. The lorry came and the meal was left.
    That same day, mary her daughter, went down to the road
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