School: Ráth Coille (roll number 15705)

Rathkell, Co. Mayo
Aindrias Ó Mórdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0149, Page 255

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0149, Page 255

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  1. The stable in which we house the cows is called the cow-house by the members of the family. The walls and roof are made of galvanized iron and the floor is flagged.
    We have five cows, two of which have horns. We have different names on them, Loftus's, Walsh's, the Bangor Blue, the Small Blue and the White. We house them in winter but we let them out in the day and we leave them out night and day in the summer and autumn.
    When we have them houses we give them straw, cabbage and sliced turnips to eat.
    When they are in the stable they are tied with a chan
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    Loretta O' Malley
    Killeen, Co. Mayo