School: Attymass B.

Attymass, Co. Mayo
P. Ó Flannghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 442

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 442

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  1. There is a bird called the "Bean Síde that cries when a person dies. He comes to the house in the night and cries around it. He does not come and cry but to a person who has a "Mac" or an "O" before his surname. If he happens to come around the house when one person dies he will come at every death that [occurs?] in that house. If you want to hunt him away from the house you should make the sign of the cross three times.
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        1. banshees (~369)
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    Thomas Gaughan
    Bridget O' Hara
    Kilgellia, Co. Mayo
  2. About sixty or seventy years ago when the people used not get any flour to buy they made their bread from oatmeal. They made boxty also from the potatoes. Every year when they used have finished digging the potatoes they used all gather in one house and make a lot of boxty and have a great feast. They got a piece of tin in which they bored holes with a nail and this they used to scrape the the potatoes which were first peeled and it was called a scraper. They used only the
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