School: Corra Finne (roll number 12877)

Corrofin, Co. Galway
Cáit Ní Lochlainn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0021, Page 0168

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0021, Page 0168

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    19th January 1938
    There was a rich man long ago, and he had a man working. He did not like him, and he wanted to kill him. He used to make him work very hard, but the man was very strong, and able to do every sort of work. One day, he told him to get a scissors that his mother lost, about a hundred years before that. The man went out, and sat down beside the spade(?) crying, because the master said that if he had not the scissors in the morning, that his [unclear word] head would be cut off in(?). He was there a good while crying, when a girl came to him, and asked him what was wrong with him. He told her what the master told him to do. She had a small silver spade with her, and she stuck it in the ground and all the garden was dug. When [unclear word] it was all dug the w scissors was there, and he brought it to the master. Next day, he told him to look for a ring in a field of hay, that his grandfather lost. He went out, and began crying again. After a while, the girl came again, and asked him what was wrong with him. He told her, and she shook a piece of hay, and the ring was there. He went
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