School: Kilmore (roll number 16637)

Kilmore, Co. Roscommon
Máiréad, Bean Mhic Giolla Críost
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 144

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 144

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  1. About four miles from the village of Kilmore is a townland called Lisanorn. In this townland there is a blessed Well called Bride's Well. This was highly renowned in ancient times. Many and many a true Irishman and woman too visited this spot. They came from every direction and in many and queer sorts of vehicles. There was a pattern held there every year. It began on the fifteenth of August and ended on Semptember the eight or perhaps was continued during the Octave.
    In the water of this well was a cure for sore eyes, ears, hands and feet. Many and many were the crowds who arrived there to honour Saint Brigid to whom the well was dedicated and through her intercession perhaps to obtain a cure for some of the aforesaid diseases. To be cured the local traditions teaches that the pilgrim had to pay three visits. Each time some certain station had to be performed. This particular one consisted in going round the well three, five, seven or nine times and reciting some special prayers while doing so. Then there was a metal cup which was chained and fixed to a stone. With this the pilgrim had to take three sips of water in honour of the Trinity, and again offer up some silent prayers in honour of the Saint. Then he or she had kneel at the entrance to the well and again recite some special prayer.
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