School: Kilmore (roll number 16637)

Kilmore, Co. Roscommon
Máiréad, Bean Mhic Giolla Críost
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 196

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0254, Page 196

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  1. Some years ago there was a priest living in a place called Carrowquill. He was a parish Priest in Dangan. His name was Father Keogh. It was he that had the present little Catholic Church built.
    One time he wanted a press made. He went to the Carpenter and gave orders for his press. The man who made the press lived in a place called Ballagh. His name was Forde. When the priest left particulars about the press he also told this man to put a double bottom in it. The carpenter did as he was told.
    After years and years the priest died and an auction of Household furniture was held. All the people of parish who could afford to buy were at the auction and everybody who could bought. Among the articles auctioned was the press. This poor man who was living in the next townland called New Road bought it.
    Nobody passed or took any notice of the press. Nobody knew about the double bottom being in it.
    Years and years after that the man who made the press met the man who bought the press. They talked over many things but in the end the thought struck the carpenter about the press. He asked the other man did ever examine it. The other man said he did not. When he came home that evening he examined the press very carefully.
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    Joseph Rhatigan