School: Scoil na mBráthar, An t-Ósbuidéal (roll number 6543)

Hospital, Co. Limerick
An Br. S. Ó Hannracháin Eamon Ó Grainséin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0514, Page 391

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0514, Page 391

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  1. The magic lamp
    Once there lived a man in County Galway. He was a tailor, and had a son named James. One day James' father got sick, and after a while he died. James used to do nothing for his mother, only run about the street playing with other little boys. One day, when he was running down the street, he met a man, who told him he was his uncle, and was very sorry for his brother's death. He then left James giving him two shillings to take home to his mother, and said he would visit them next day. James gave the two shillings to his mother, and they got ready for his uncle. The uncle came next day, and he told james mother that he would take the boy with him, and learn him tailoring. His mother gave him the boy. James went away with his uncle into the mountains. One day his uncle took him into a cave. He had a sword with him, and when they came to the end of it there was a door in the wall. And said the uncle "I will cut your head off if you don't go into that cave and bring me out the lamp that is hanging on the wall." James went into the came and got the lamp. It was a beautiful one, and he did not want to part iwth it. The uncle said "Give me the lamp" "I will not" said James. "I will lock you up in the cave," said the uncle.
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