School: Dundalk (roll number 16719)

Dundalk, Co. Louth
R.G. Smith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 012

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0662, Page 012

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  1. Sleive Foy at Carlingford.
    There is an old legend concerning a great fight between two giants over Carlingford Lough. The names of the giants were Finn Toirneach the giant of Summer, and Ruiscaire the giant of Winter. For the first day of the flight they fought with swords and the noise of the clashes was like thunder. The second day they fought with clubs, and they threw stones at each other, until Finn overcome with anger lifted up the cloughmor and with a supreme effort, threw that great stone weighing 40 or 50 ton over the Lough and it landed on Ruascaire and it landed him under its great weight. Nut Finn did not live long to enjoy his victory, and so the legend says he lay stretched out on the side of
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    Slieve Foye, Co. Louth
    John Stewart
    Park Drive, Co. Louth