School: Béal Átha Fhinghín (B.)

Béal Átha Fhínín, Co. Chorcaí
Beircheart Seártan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0310, Page 189

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0310, Page 189

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    For lighting purposes they used a splinter of fir ("ver") ("bog-wood")...

    For lighting purposes they used a splinter of fir ("vir") ("bog-wood"). Long thin slivers were paired off a piece of resinous "ver" and placed in a bundle by the fire, or sometimes a number of them would be interlaced in a form (?) of "gate." The splinter was called a Geataire. It was held in the jaws of a "Coinnleoir" which had also an arm with a socket to hold a candle. The candle was made of sallow. In the old days - up to sixty or eighty years ago - it was made by "dipping." A cotton thread was dipped repeatedly in molten sallow and allowed to cool off. This was kept up until the candle was of the required thickness.
    A mould came into use later. It was of tin, about ten or eleven inches long, and tapered towards the top.
    Names of candle -
    Sráideóg (Mr. Wm. Shorten)
    Ráistín (Mr. Patrick Warren)

    (Sketch of Coinnleoir in possession of Mr Wm. Shorten)
    Pointed end was stuck in block of wood.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. gníomhaíochtaí
      1. gníomhaíochtaí eacnamaíocha
        1. gnó agus ceird (~4,680)
    Mr Patrick Warren
    Mr William Shorten