School: Ughtyneill (roll number 12897)

Ughtyneill, Co. na Mí
Maighréad, Bean Uí Chinnéide
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0705, Page 172

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0705, Page 172

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  1. When the sun goes pale to bed it is the sign of rain, and when it sets red it is the sign of a good day.
    Sometimes there is a patch on the sky with various colours in it. The old people call this "The Beggars Blanket" and say that it is a sign of rain. Another symbol of rain is when the soot is falling down the chimney.
    If there is a circle round the moon it is a sign that there will be rain. The farther away the circle is from the moon, the sooner the change for rain will come. If the circle is near the moon the rain will not come for a while.
    When a rainbow appears in the sky it is a sign of showery weather. It is said
    A Rainbow in the morning is the Sheperds warning
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