School: Ughtyneill (roll number 12897)

Ughtyneill, Co. na Mí
Maighréad, Bean Uí Chinnéide
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0705, Page 179

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0705, Page 179

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  1. Colonel Nugent and Captain Bligh were Landlords of the District long ago. They were not bad men so there were no evictions carried on. They owned the lands of Hermitage and Screebogue. Some woods were planted during the landlords reign over the land. He would send word to the people before he would come round to collect the rent. Poor people that would have no money to pay the rent he would give cattle or hay or straw to the landlord instead of money. If the people had not enough of money to pay him when he would come he would take what they could give him and wait until they would get the rest of the money.
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    1. áit-spás-timpeallacht
      1. riaradh talún (~4,110)
    Brighidh Ní Gabhann
    Screeboge, Co. na Mí