Volume: CBÉ 0220 (Part 3)

The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0220, Page 0341

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0220, Page 0341

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  1. Béaloideas ó Chill Uird (continued)

    Katie Kelly went down to Kilworth wan evening...

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    of her. Katie went in to Bridget. "who was the woman ye were talking to at the door" says she. Bridget said she saw no wan. "I was rocking the cradle" says she," and I saw no wan.
    With that Katie sloped out and off up to the house and she didn't come out for a good many nights after.
    The woman was the mother of the children - Bridget was the step-mother - and I suppose she used come to have an eye on them.
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