School: Grianán (roll number 13178)

Greenans, Co. Mayo
Máiréad Bean Uí Riagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0094, Page 244

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0094, Page 244

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  1. In the year 1798 when the English was strong in Ireland there lived in Addergoole a priest called Father Conroy. He was born in Tuam and educated in France.
    When the French landed in Killala Bay they went to the house of Father Conroy. They asked him if there was any short cut to Castlebar. He showed them through the Windy Gap. When the French arrived at Castlebar, they ran the Red Coats as far as Tuam. As they ran through one street the captain shouted "stab all" and that street is now called "Staball."
    Then the English took Father Conroy to Castlebar and brought him before Denis Brown, and he was hanged at the Mall Castlebar.
    This is a story about what happened in an island in Lough Cullen when Cromwell was in Ireland. The island can be seen clearly from our house on a calm sunny day. The island has the shape of a house. One day Cromwell and some of his soldiers went over to the island in a boat. There were monks living there at that time and the soldiers killed them and burned their bodies at the High Alter in Turlough.
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