School: Caonach (roll number 14923)

Keenagh Beg, Co. Mayo
Bean Mhic Eachmharcaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 256

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 256

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  1. Some travellers called to my home some time ago, and there is one man who still calls at fairly regular intervals. The name of the man who now calls is Hugh Keogh; he is a native of Ballyjamesduff, but he never visits his own county now, he spends most of his time in county Mayo. He is now over sixty years of age, in fact he is almost seventy, and he does not want to reach 'pension age' for fear of having to go to the workhouse.
    This man is calling as long as I remember, but until fairly recently he used to come only about once in every six months, now we see him once each month, sometimes more often. He is a tramp, he sells nothing, except occasionally a few store of potatoes. He always carries a bag, such as that in which meal or bran is sold, and if
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    Mairéad M. Nic Eachmharcaigh