School: Caonach (roll number 14923)

Keenagh Beg, Co. Mayo
Bean Mhic Eachmharcaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 298

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 298

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  1. Long ago there lived a boy who was called Dick Whittington. His mother and father had died when he was a tiny baby, and the only friend he had in this world was his faithful cat. And Dick had heard that the streets of London were paved with gold, and he had no money, so he tied all his things in a bundle and set out for London.
    When he went to London he waw only rows and rows of houses and the streets were not paved with gold. He got work from a cook and she was always scolding Dick. One day she drove him into the yard and Dick began crying. "Please don't cry" she said.
    "If I run away", said Dick "and
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    AT1651: Whittington's Cat
    Edward Gillespie
    c. 40
    Keenagh Beg, Co. Mayo