School: Caonach (roll number 14923)

Keenagh Beg, Co. Mayo
Bean Mhic Eachmharcaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 315

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0151, Page 315

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  1. There was once a man and he used to kill every woman he married. Every morning as soon as the woman used to get out of bed, he used to give her a glass of whiskey when she used to be fasting. When the woman used to be fasting the whiskey used to kill her. He had a lot of women killed this way.
    At last he got a woman and she was wiser than the rest. When she used to be going to bed she used to bring a packet of cakes with her and eat them. As soon as she used to waken in the morning, the man used to give her the whiskey. The whiskey would not kill her when she would not be fasting, and he robbed himself trying to kill her.
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