School: Clochar (roll number 13296)

Inishkeel, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Giolla Bhríghde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 39

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 39

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  1. There lived in olden times in Narin a man who was nick named, the climber. If he ever had any other name or surname they were long forgotten. One year the blight fell very heavily on his potatoes and winter set in food was scarce and money was still more so. The climber was in possession of a trade that was as profitable as it was dangerous and that was pig stealing.The man was so wily that the neighbours who had lost the means of paying the rent failed to apprehend him and the accursed work went on year after year. One morning the climber paid a visit to the house of a neighbour and in formed him that pigs stealing was being practised on a large scale in the parish. That is bad enough, said the neighbour. I would ill befit me he said to last my pig now that she is practicley fat. Your pig is in no danger said the climber. If you take the advice I am going to give you. I will take my advice that will be of assistance in saving my pig said the neighbour. Good enough said the climber when you get up tomorrow morning go around among the neighbour and tell each one of them that your pig was stolen the night before. put a good complexion upon the story
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    Jim Boyle
    Clooney, Co. Donegal