School: Clochar (roll number 13296)

Inishkeel, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Giolla Bhríghde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 53

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 53

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  1. In the long winter nights the children play games to pass the time. The children of the day do not take such deep interest in playing games as the people of by-gone days. I here-with give the most principle games that we play both by the fireside and at school during play-hour. The most common of these games is known as "tag" All the players assemble into a den and one is chosen to give out the tag. many rhymes are for the purpose, such as "Annie Mowell, Jenny Gowell, an tea cup." Another is 'Eckel ackil, black bottle, eckil, ackil out, if you come into my well house, I will put you out."Each peach, pear, plum, who is your very best churn." Who ever is the last leaving the den is the tager. the tagers follow the other players trying to tag them while they make an effort to get to the den without being taged.
    "Tipping tag" is played much the same way as tag, except there is no den. The tagger follows and tags one of them and that person puts a hand on the place she is tagged and follows the other players to tag them.
    "Spy" is a very interesting game and is
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    John Moore
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