School: Clochar (roll number 13296)

Inishkeel, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Giolla Bhríghde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 60

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 60

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  1. There are many spots in Ireland which we respect on account of their history. There is always someone left to revive our local history. In this district there are many places of interest. In the sand hills of Narin near the famous Inniskeel Island there is a small but interesting spot. In this place there are three graves. These graves are built of stone and flagged across the top. Some years ago these graves were uncovered by four men who came to the district seeking old history. These men found three skeletons and 16 stone hatchets in the graves. These men were not able to make out the age of the
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