School: Clochar (roll number 13296)

Inishkeel, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Giolla Bhríghde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 51

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1049, Page 51

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  1. One day two men were out on a hill making poteen. A little boy ran into house and he said that there were two guards coming. One of the men thought of a good plan. He put a couple of turf and he put them in a creel and when he saw the guards coming he put the creel on his back and he ran away over the bogs and the two guards followed him. When the man ran a couple of miles he sat down and the two guards came up to him and they asked him what had he in the creel and he said that he had a couple of turf in it that he was taking home with him and he did not steal them. The two guards were very disappointed and they started for the little house but when they got there the other man had the poteen hidden.
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  2. One time there lived a man in Donegal and he never used to go to the Chapel. One time there was a mission in the place where he was living. There was a very strong Holy Father with the mission. One day he was going down to this man's house to take him out to the mission. He asked a woman where did this man live. The woman told him where he lived but it
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