School: Attymass B.

Attymass, Co. Mayo
P. Ó Flannghaile
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 349

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0127, Page 349

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  1. There was once a little boy who did not like going to school. This day his mother sent him to school and he brought a ball with him as he was very fond of ballplaying. On his way to school there was a ball alley and he started ballplaying. He was not long at it when a little red man came and asked to let him play with him and the boy gave consent.
    The first day they played the boy won, and the little rad man told him to go home and he would find his father shovelling gold into a bag that his mother would be holding and sure enough it happened. The second day the boy was playing again, and the same thing happened, but the third day the little red man won so he gave the boy a punishment, which was to find out where he lived, and if he had not found it out before three days he would come back and kill him.
    The little boy went home very sad and he told his mother what he had to do. Next morning she awakened him and sent him out to seek where the little red man lived. All day long he kept going and the
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