School: Baile an Churraigh

Ballincurry, Co. Galway
A. L. Ó Maoileannaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 375

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0015, Page 375

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  1. XML School: Baile an Churraigh
  2. XML Page 375
  3. XML “The Hound, the Hawk and the Filly”

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  1. There was once a king and he had three sons and each of these son's had three pets a hound, a hawk, and a filly. One day the oldest said he would go and seek his fortune. He set off and kept going until it was nearly night. he saw a wood a good distance away and he decided to spend the night in this wood. he went in and there he perceived a little hut in the middle of the wood. He went into the hut and sat at the fire. His three pets were with him. Just then an old witch came
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