School: An Corr Dubh (roll number 14339)

Corduff, Co. Leitrim
Pádraig Mac Giolla'n Átha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 087

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 087

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  1. The principal kinds of bread used long ago were oaten bread, wheaten bread and boxty. Oats and wheat were grown on the farm and ground with querns.
    It was a custom to make a cake of oaten bread from the first sheaf of oats that was cut in the harvest. They first threshed the sheaf of oats with a flail, then they ground it with querns and made it into a cake int he following way. First the oatmeal was put into a basin and a pinch of salt was added. It was then kneaded into a dough with hot water. Then it was left to firm for about one house and baked before the fire standing against a bread iron as a support. In some houses there was enough of bread made on one day to do for a week.
    Boxty was made in the following way. First the potatoes
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    Patrick O' Reilly
    Agharann, Co. Leitrim