School: An Corr Dubh (roll number 14339)

Corduff, Co. Leitrim
Pádraig Mac Giolla'n Átha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 094

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 094

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    and he defeated the Scotch giant, who ran for his life. The Irish giant lifted a mass of earth and flung it at him.
    The hole which was left in the earth filled in with water and is the largest lake in Ireland, it is called lough Neagh, Where the mass of earth fell into the sea a large island was formed and is called the Isle of Man.
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  2. The Leipreachan is known locally as the elf. He is about four feet in height. He is supposed to live in caves and forts. He wears knee breeches, a green jacket, a red cap, and long stockings. He occupies his time making and repairing boots.
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    N. Curran
    Lugganammer, Co. Leitrim